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wenger rc cane

ra cane launcher

The Wenger R/C Appearing Cane Launcher is approximately 3.5” x 2.75” x 4.0” H.

Just push the button on the key fob transmitter and your appearing cane is launched in the air.

Appearing Cane not included.


$150.00 plus shipping

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shake N snake y

shake n snake

A Basket with a Spring In Its Step! Bring a spectator on stage to help with your next trick but first you want to introduce them to your pet snake. On a table they notice a Basket, as they approach the container it jumps. This never fails to get a great reaction. Usually they will not want to get anywhere near it again. After some comedy by play you have the spectator select and sign a card. You then have the card lost in the deck. The deck is placed on table by the container. After some more fun with your helper the snake suddenly jumps from the container with a card in it's mouth. Yes, it is the signed card!

The jumping feature and the snake ejector are under your control using a 2-channel transmitter. You can make the container jump as often as you like before the card revelation.

The snake ejector is an original design that is handcrafted by Nick Wenger and is very reliable.

Each Basket is hand woven by Jenny Antoline of Gypsy Baskets.

$465.00 plus Shipping

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Here is what some owners of the Shake "N" Snake have to say:

"Nick, this snake basket has added 8 minutes of laughter to my show. Just the shaking adds another 2 minutes. It is very easy to operate and oh so reliable. Thanks for making such great props." - Michael Dalton, Chicago Illinois

"Nick- This basket rocks and your work is absolutely incredible. The whole thing is simply top notch!" - Mike Storz from Connecticut

"It is really a fabulous item! You make some really nice stuff." - John Mendoza from St. Louis

"Hey Nick, Just wanted to let you know that I used the snake basket in a show yesterday and it was the highlight of the show (along with Wiz Kote). It was nice to be able to do the effect with confidence, knowing that it was going to be reliable. Thanks again! - Brian Lehr"


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A card is selected and lost in the deck. Explain to the spectator that you have trained your potted plant to do a magic trick. Have the spectator concentrate on their card while looking at your plant. Imagine the look on their face when one of the leaves starts moving and slowly starts forming the number of the card then a second later a second leaf starts forming the suit. It's UnbeLEAFable!!!

The plant is under your control via a small transmitter.

$310.00 plus Shipping

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Here is what some owners of Planted have to say:

-Joe "This is an incredible piece, as the plant looks completely normal. Yet when the leaves start to move and form the shape of the card it looks like a film special effect!"

-Andrew "I did it this afternoon for a couple of friends and their eyes went wide. An unexpected piece like this is truly magical!"

-Ben "This is the most unexpected, visual & astounding magic prop I ever bought!"

-Nick's Dog Tank "It's UnbeLEAFable!!!"

card fountain

card fountain

High Flying Cards!

The Wenger R/C Card Fountain holds over 2 decks of cards and can shoot them up to 6' in the air! The Card Fountain shuts down automatically after the last card is ejected.

Each Card Fountain is handcrafted from red oak and brass and uses two 9-volt Alkaline batteries.

$235.00 plus Shipping

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rock n ribbet

A Fun New Prop for the Kid Show Entertainer!

lost frog
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