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gazzo and nick

Gazzo and Nick

Custom Props that Nick has built for magicians worldwide.

bob kohler and nick

Bob Kohler and Nick

penn and nick

Penn and Nick

scott and puck

Scott Alexander & Puck with Nick


Need a Haydn Teleportation Device? Look no further, Nick can build you one that fits your performing style.

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teleportation 1
teleportation 2
teleportation 3
teleportation 4
teleportation 5
teleportation 6
teleportation 7
teleportation 8


"I was recently looking to find a quality builder for a new prop I needed, so of course, with the magic world being a small community, I asked two people I trust- Pop Haydn and Bob Kohler. Surprisingly, without hesitation, they both came back with the name: "Nick Wenger". Being one of the "underground" builders of complicated magic props to the pros for years, I had only heard of him occasionally, as if the pros were eager to protect their secret weapon. Well, the secret is out!

I ordered my prop and was blow away by five things: Quality, Craftsmanship (brass knobs hand turned on a lathe!), ability to grasp my wants and needs, timeliness of delivery and professionalism. If you need a prop, look no further...if you want the best, that is.

- Timothy Noonan, Speaker - Magician - Trade Show Magnet"

Nick can also build you a Custom R/C Flea Circus.


flea circus 1
flea circus 2
flea circus 3
flea circus 4

Custom Lie Detectors


lie detector 1
lie detector 2
lie detector 3


lie detector basic
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Customer Comments:

"Nick Wenger is my “ace in the hole” when it comes to building magic props. Whatever your mind can conceive, Nick’s hands can create. I’m not very industrial and it’s a very freeing feeling to know that Nick is there to bring my ideas to life. But Nick is not just the Bob Vila of magic apparatus. He is also a genuinely nice person who cares about people and our art. Nick has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and professionalism in every interaction I’ve had with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone… if I didn’t want to keep him all to myself. "

Jimmy Vee – The Five Foot High Marketing & Magic Guy , Orlando Fla.


“I recently had Nick Wenger design and make a custom project for me and it turned out FANTASTIC! After seeing his beautiful work on three custom pieces he created for a good friend I knew he would be perfect to bring my idea to life. What I had in mind was something completely out of the ordinary with all sorts of crazy functions and I knew only some one with proper skills could actually pull it off. I am glad I chose Nick! From start to finish he kept me up to date with pictures and video which I really appreciated. Even with all the orders he had lined up I felt he did not rush the process and that he spent the proper time to insure I would receive a product I would absolutely love and use. If you are thinking of having a unique and totally custom piece of electronic magic made especially for you I whole heartedly recommend Nick Wenger. Thanks again Nick for all the work you put into my order!”

Not Your Average JOE


"Nick recently built for me a Whit Hayden "teleportation device". To say I am thrilled would be an understatement! Throughout the process Nick asked questions about my character and act and listened to my ideas. He also gave wonderful suggestions about the look of the device. The finished prop exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely use Nick again!"

Thanks again for a great job!

Leonard Hutchins