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Nick has been in the business of magic designs for over 30 years, he first started at age twelve when he bought a magic set he saw advertised on television. That's all it took to spark his interest. He was soon looking for magic shops in his area when he came across Phil Thomas Yogi Magic Mart in the phone book. He couldn't wait for Saturday so that he could make his first trip to a "real" magic shop. Nick was so overwhelmed at all the magic in the shop that he made the trip almost every Saturday.

Nick built his first trick at age fifteen with the help and guidance of his father, the trick was a Super X Suspension. Nick perfected his magic skills by performing at birthday parties. His first big show was a Christmas Party at McCormick Spice Co. with Professor Kool at the age of sixteen.

Today Nick continues to use his engineering and technical skills along with his love of magic to create and design tricks for himself and fellow magicians worldwide. His innovative techniques have caught the attention of some of the world's greatest magicians.