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bizarre and spooky


wenger bell box

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The Wenger Bell Box is the perfect box to hold you Wenger Spirit Bell , Bell from Hell or any other props that will fit into it’s 6” x 11” x 3”H interior. The Bell Box has a neat feature that allows the performer to make the lid on the box move like there is a unseen force trying to open the box. The box is under the performers control via a small R/C transmitter.

Each box is made from Poplar wood and aged to look like it came from another era in time, rusty nails, worn leather hinges, etc. The gimmicks are routed into the wood and then vacuum pressed with veneer to make them invisible. The box is totally examinable! Each box is handcrafted by Nick and take up to 5 hrs to complete.

Introductory Price of $265.00 plus shipping



wenger bell from hell title

bell from hell 1
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Explosive! There is no bell on the market like the Wenger Bell from Hell !!!

You start off assembling the bell in front of the spectators. You then place a box of matches on the bell base and an unseen force propels the box and scatters the matches on to the table. You then place the rod holding the bell on the two uprights and the bell starts ringing. The bell can be made to ring as many times as you like. Finally, the rope holding the bell bursts into FLAMES!!! This will make your audience JUMP!!!

The bell is totally under the control of the performer.

$425.00 plus Shipping

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Watch Video Clip of Joe Romano performing the Bell from Hell
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Here is what some owners of Bell from Hell have to say:

"This effect will scare the Bejebus out of the unwary!" -George A. Woo from Maryland

"This effect is absolutely amazing. So simple and so self working. The burst of flames is what kills in this effect. Nobody ever expects it and it simply evokes screams, jumps, gasps, swear words, etc. Well done Nick. So happy I own this. Worth every penny. What's next???" - Mike Storz from Connecticut

wenger spirit bell

Wenger Spirit Bell

The Wenger Spirit Bell can be assembled by the spectators and then immediately be made to ring.

This bell has stumped some of the most knowledgeable magicians worldwide. This bell is a real fooler !!!

$ plus Shipping

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wenger toe switch transmitter title

wenger toe switch transmitter

The Wenger toe switch transmitter will allow you to control any of the Wenger Spirit Bells or Bell Box hands free. The transmitter has a leather pressure pad that will stand up to years of use. There is also a toggle switch to prevent any premature triggering of your prop. Each toe switch transmitter is made by Nick and is fully guaranteed.

Price…….$75.00 plus shipping.